[thelist] mail() on windows server

ivo cervantes_vive at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 27 04:08:01 CST 2008

> mail("$to", "$subject", "$my_body", "$headers");

Does the above function return true?

Check http://us3.php.net/manual/en/book.mail.php . Apparently under windows you dont use sendmail but a SMTP server that you configure with php.ini values (http://us3.php.net/manual/en/mail.setup.php)

- Ivo

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The script below works on linux/apache servers fine but on a windows 
server it fails to send email; the PHP works, but no delivery.  I 
checked my spam service to see if it got caught.

from phpinfo: 

System: Windows NT WEBB26 5.2 build 3790
sendmail_path: no value
Internal Sendmail Support for Windows: enabled

Path, something else?  'fraid windows is not in my bag of tricks, so 
just guessing?


$to = "bobm at dottedi.biz";
$from = "From: customer_service at wherever.com";
$subject = "Contact form";
$headers = "From: me at mycompany.com\r\nReply-To: someone_else at mycompany.com";

$my_body = "test test";

mail ($to, $subject, $my_body, $from);
mail("$to", "$subject", "$my_body", "$headers");

echo "finished<br>";
// phpinfo(); // just to see



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