[thelist] headers, logo images, and semantic markup

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Jan 5 20:36:29 CST 2009

I'm marking up a site with a company name/logo/brand across the top of 
every page (and in every title tag) and a secondary title on every page 
(and also in the title tag) such as:

company: about us
company: contact us

The company logo/brand requires a special font etc, and needs to be 
displayed as an image.  Of the following two options, what is the best 
way to mark this up for usability, accessibilty, and search engine 
optimization?  And why?

1. embed company name/logo/brand graphic irectly into HTML with alt 
attribute, and make the secondary header (for example "about us") an H1.

2. make the company name the H1 on every page, use an image replacement 
technique to show the graphic instead of the text, and make "about us" 
etc the H2



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