[thelist] Geographic Location from IP Address

Hugh Miller hmiller at cfpress.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 05:56:42 CST 2009

 From the responses so far it appears that it is accurate which is 

I've uploaded a script that will allow anyone to use this database if 
they want it. If you change the values of the constants at the top of 
the script and run it as a PHP file it will download the zip, create and 
populate the table and output a simple query. Pretty much everything you 
would need to get started.

Cheers to all who have checked for me.

Download sample at:


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>-Hi folks,
>-I've a requirement to install an IP to country system across our sites
>-as a way of filtering advertising mainly, and for certain UK only
>-content generally. Having never used anything like this before
>-(currently our doubleclick software does it automatically) I've
>-downloaded and set up a database from Software 77.
>-Does anyone know how reliable this one is, or any feedback at all would
>-be great, it'd be right good to have got a usable one first time of
>-My test page is on:
>-If you land there and your country is incorrect I'd appreciate a mail
>-let me know from the supplied link on the page.
>-Especially interested in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South
>-African testers as these are far and away the biggest international
>-traffic sources we have.
>-There's a Google maps pre-set latitude and longitude finder there if
>-anyone wants it all you need is an API for your own domain.

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