[thelist] Increment every value in table (MySQL)

Chris Price chris.price at choctaw.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 10:27:33 CST 2009


Thanks. I've not come across cursors before so that'll be interesting. 
I'll try it out.

Samuel Warren wrote:
> Jason,
> not all database structures require a parent/child relationship which
> necessitates foreign keys.
> Chris,
> I'm sure what your looking for can be done, probably with a cursor
> (unfortunately).
> Basically This query will give you the column names:
> SELECT name FROM syscolumns
> WHERE id = (SELECT id FROM sysobjects
> WHERE name= '<TableName>')
> ORDER by colorder;
> If you drop those names into a cursor you should be able to use them to run
> out Update queries from there. Never done it before, but I'm pretty sure
> it's possible.


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