[thelist] Best Windows Registry Cleaner Product?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 8 15:25:08 CST 2009

Jack Timmons suggested 'hijackthis' and also asked:

>>But, I do believe this whole topic is OT for The List (I'm not 
>>sure, so please feel free to let me know), and might serve better on The Chat. 

Hi Jack,

First off, thanks for the suggestion!  I will be checking that software out.

I agree that this topic is, (at a minimum), borderline OT for thelist since it does not directly relate to web development.  [Hence my lame last, and now more useful current 'tips'.]

However, I personally felt that this was even _more_ OT for thechat since my question was more in the style of a 'work' type dilemma you might ask a co-worker in the office than the kind of 'play' time, non-work discussions we generally have over on thechat.  A fence-straddling thread if you will.


<tip type="Excel" author="RonL">
When you are creating a vlookup equation in a cell that you intend to copy across a wider range of cells, you might want to have your reference data sitting off in a separate spreadsheet.  That way you no longer need to remember to toggle through the F4 function key when setting the range, because Excel will automagically insert a full set of '$'s that will retain range integrity as you copy the equation across more cells.

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