[thelist] Web and email hosting - with blackberry?

Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
Sat Jan 10 11:07:22 CST 2009

Hi Jay -

I've had several of these come up recently, and here is how I'm handling
them.  I actually have my own mail server, so that makes it easier, but it
shouldn't be too difficult to find similar offerings from other providers.

If it's just a laptop/desktop and one mobile device, then you can have the
desktop "keep a copy on server for xx days".  That way they will get it on
their PC, as well as on their Blackberry.  The problem is that they now have
to manage email in most than one spot, so if they delete something on one
PC, they also have to delete it on their Blackberry.  (I've also seen the
server hiccup when using the "save on server for xx..." feature, and make
the client download all of the messages over again. A definite PITA).

The other option is to use a provider that offers a good IMAP service.  This
leaves all of the mail on the server, so she can get it on multiple PCs (and
even through web access) and see the exact same thing on each PC.  Since the
mail is stored on the server, she needs to have an Internet connection (no
offline browsing).  The good thing about this is that if she deletes a junk
message from her Blackberry, then when she gets to the office then she
doesn't have to delete it there too.  The downside is that if she
accidentally deletes something from her Blackberry, then it's not going to
be on her office PC.

For the latter, make sure that the provider offers it (don't just assume - I
don't like to offer it unless it's asked for), and see what kind of space
you get - since your mail will be stored there.  Obviously it's not in their
best interest to give you a lot of GB of storage space (as it will tax their
servers/bandwidth/etc).  So you might have to set up a separate email folder
for "offline storage" on one of the office computers to move emails to that
she wants to save, but not use up her allotment on the mail server.

Hope that helps!


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Hi all-

I'm not a blackberry user, and I work solely on the backend of web
applications, but I've been asked to set up email and a website for a
friend, so I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out.

My friend/client wants to have email from her new domain available on
her blackberry, her laptop, and her desktop pc. I suggested using only
the webmail to access it, but she wants to use an email client, either
Outlook or Thunderbird. She also wants the email to go to her
blackberry if she's out of the office.

So my question is, how would one go about setting this up, and what
should I look for in a host?

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