[thelist] Tip Harvest for the Week of Monday Jan 05, 2009

harvester at lists.evolt.org harvester at lists.evolt.org
Mon Jan 12 00:00:07 CST 2009

The tip harvest for the Week of Monday Jan 05, 2009 has been added
to the lists.evolt.org site.  Get it at:


Week at a glance listing at:


Harvest Summary

Number of messages: 93
Number of tips    : 5

Tip Authors

Jack Timmons (1)
Jay Turley (1)
John Corry (2)
RonL (1)

Tip Types

CSS (1)
Excel (1)
php class for PDF generation (1)
progressive enhancement with javascript (1)

What: Tips are how a list subscriber "pays" for making an off-topic post
      to the list (see List Info for more information).  Of course, this
      does not make off-topic posts acceptable. :)

How : You include a tip in your posting by using the [tip]...[/tip] tag
      (replace the square brackets with angle brackets).  The tip tag takes
      the optional attributes of 'type' and 'author'.

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