[thelist] Email Marketing - client keeps getting account suspended

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Mon Jan 12 12:02:36 CST 2009

> - any other comments or suggestions?

my first suggestion goes back upstream a ways: when someone signs up for
something free, email the download link to them. pretty much guarantees
you'll get a valid address, but at the very least, you'll weed out the
dead ones.

> They cleaned it out some, got access back and were suspended again
> following the second email.

Constant Contact can provide a report of all bounces due to nonexistent
address. if all those are removed, shouldn't that solve the problem? why
were they suspended the second time?

CC is telling them their list is faulty. if it's full of garbage, the
solution is to clean up the list. if they've annoyed CC enough by
sending out two dirty lists, they can't expect CC to be accessories to
spamming, right?

perhaps I'm not clear on what problem we're trying to solve.


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