[thelist] Review my site..... Please

Chrome admin at chrome.me.uk
Wed Jan 14 10:16:01 CST 2009

> Hi Chaps,
> I have had my site up and running since October now, with changes and
> improvements taking place weekly. I am working my way up google amongst
> other engines, my problem is I cannot seem to get enough quality
> traffic, I have tried Adword but the keywords are too expensive (£10-20
> each) Adcenter is ok but market share is so low, so far I have had no
> contact whatsoever from the site.
> Any suggestions would be much appreciated     www.medes.org.uk
> Cheers
> Martyn

My first thought is that there are a lot of validation errors in the
markup... Tidy for FF reports 59 and the W3C compliance button on your site
reports 91

I don't know how much impact this has on search engine bots but valid markup
is, for me at least, one of the most important base issues for a site

Just my ten penn'orth


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