[thelist] Review my site..... Please

Martyn Sales at medes.net
Wed Jan 14 13:37:53 CST 2009

All banners/ Ads have now departed



patrick wrote:
> Megan Holbrook wrote:
>> Martyn -
>> At a very quick glance, your informal home page introduction might be 
>> better replaced with a paragraph that stresses your high standards, the 
>> high profile of your clients, the wide range of services you provide, 
>> and that you cover (all/most?) of the UK. Maybe include more examples of 
>> projects up front, rather than just a single image.
>> My initial reaction was that this was probably a website for a smaller 
>> business, until I saw the page with your clients on it. Overall, I think 
>> the writing could be more professional. I'd also get rid of the Google 
>> ads, banner ads, search, etc. at the bottom, which don't belong on a 
>> business website (and might lead people to other similar contractors to 
>> boot!).
>> HTH, Megan
> Martyn,
> I would reiterate Megan's comments and add that the w3c stuff would be
> better presented as text links and in a lighter font. Not to downplay
> the hard work, but not many folks beyond our field care about this so
> much that they want to see logos for it on every page.

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