[thelist] basic xmlhttprequest

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Thu Jan 15 22:16:39 CST 2009

Marc Cantwell wrote:
> I have a form and I would like to have a combobox that allows the user  
> to choose values from a drop-down list or type it in the text box with  
> keyboard navigation (using arrow keys) that references my contacts  
> from my 37signals highrise account.  The highrise api is here http://developer.37signals.com/highrise/ 
>   .  I know this is basic AJAX stuff, but I am not sure where to  
> start.  I am hoping there is a template out there where all i have to  
> do is enter a url to fetch the data along with the appropriate place  
> to put in the authentication.  Any suggestions?



Anthony Baratta

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