[thelist] Online site to compare Word files

L. Mohan Arun (marun2@gmail.com) marun2 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 11:01:03 CST 2009

Hi All

Is there an online service that will let me compare two Word files
side-by-side, something like Track changes but this should be
something like a diff tool but online. I can do this with desktop
software but I prefer using a web application for reasons of
portability and from any computer. For example I have a document and
my colleague emails me another document. Instead of my receiving the
email, downloading the attachment, and comparing both, we both can
send our documents through email to an online service which will then
allow us both to see our differences and discuss online. Is this
possible? I think it might be an online collaboration service and I
would like to hear from users who have already done this thing.

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