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Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
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On 2009/02/01 11:11 (GMT-0500) Jono composed:

> David Laakso wrote:

>>> Looking for the usual constructive comments.  Design, layout,
>>> accessibility, what you would do differently, etc:

>>>     http://ithenticate.com/

>>> Ditch the rivers :-) .

> A bit late to the party on this one, but I agree.  Get rid of 
> text-align: justify; and leave it left aligned for "How It Works" - it 
> is too hard to read as it is.

> #main_content p, #main_content address {
> color:#666666;
> font-size:92%;
> line-height:192%;
> margin-bottom:2em;
> text-align:justify;  /* <-- get rid of this */
> }

Also ditch the color:#666666. On a #000 background, low contrast gray like
that only works well on displays improperly adjusted overbright, the way most
come from the factory by default. When properly set for normal conditions,
and long display life, #000 is perfectly fine for  people with average
vision. OTOH, anything lighter than #222 can be very difficult to see on
tired old displays that can't have their contrast turned up any higher.
Naturally, if the background-color is not white, anything lighter than #222
will almost assuredly be worse yet.

If you want to respect your visitors, remove the font-size line too. The size
set on body, if 100% as it should be, for normal people (not web developers),
is exactly right for blocks such as P and #main_content, because it is users'
chosen size preference.

line-height of 192% makes content look like a high school research paper, not
very professional for typical text blocks. When line length and text size are
well chosen, additional leading is unhelpful.

Lack of line-feeds in your CSS file makes evaluation painful. Also, it seems
to be triggering a bug in FF2 with the Web Developer extension. Edit CSS &
View CSS just give a bunch of overlapping scribble for output.
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