[thelist] How to create a mailing list or the like?

Mustafa Quilon mustafavizcomrade at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 10:48:37 CST 2009

Hello Everyone,

I want my organization to set-up an electronic mailing list
(discussion list), just like this to bridge the communication gap and
share resources & knowledge. I've been promised that my suggestions
will be implemented if the presentation is found convincing.

The mailing list will start small and if successful it might be
implemented to have a member-base of around 1500 and would most likely
be split for students, teachers, franchise owners, etc.

I did some research and I see there are some applications like
ListServ, Mailman, MajorDomo, which I know very little about. We also
have Google & Yahoo groups but I'm not too keen on them.

Which one do you think would be Apt for us? or is there something else
we can do to address this problem?

Hope this is not OT.

Thanks & Regards
Mustafa Quilon

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