[thelist] Internet Explorer ignoring margin

Garth Hagerman hagerman at mcn.org
Tue Feb 3 18:50:39 CST 2009

Hi all-
Enough banging of my head into wall.
This will probably be simple for somebody, but I'm stumped. For almost  
an entire site, most versions of Internet Explorer (v. 9 gets it  
right) ignore the top margin on a div. The pages validate (both HTML  
and CSS) and look good on all other recent browsers. A sample page is  
The other IE margin bugs I've read about involve floating elements,  
but there are none on this page. There are a series of absolutely- 
positioned elements above and to the left of the main content div; the  
margins for div.content clear the absolutely positioned elements...  
except the margin-top on thse critical versions of IE.
I've tried other ways to code the margins; I've tried tracking down  
known IE bugs. The problem persists and I don't know what else to try.
Any ideas?

        thanks in advance

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