[thelist] Strange CSS Behavior with IFRAME

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Wed Feb 4 10:38:27 CST 2009

Norman Bunn wrote:
> Sometimes you get to build the site you want and sometimes one is handed 
> to you to make work.  Unfortunately, I have one of these, where they 
> want it up tomorrow.  No, really, I mean tomorrow.
> Anyway, I have most of it operational (kludged in some places, but 
> working), but two pages with IFRAMEs have strange CSS behavior.  The 
> site is upcountryford.com and the pages are the links for new and 
> pre-owned inventory on the left.  While all the other pages link 
> correctly, when you go to these two pages the links stop working and do 
> not show hover behavior.  I have tried to troubleshoot the pages and 
> they work fine until the IFRAME is inserted.
> Any ideas on how to get this working or what the problem might be?  How 
> about a better way to get the inserted page to display?
> Thanks
I tried some other options and if I leave the IFRAME options off, it 
creates a smaller window and only the links to the left of the frame are 
affected.  Again, remove the IFRAME, all works.  Add the IFRAME and the 
links to the left quit working.  I tried to use an <OBJECT> tag instead, 
but could not get that to work.  Neither did a PHP file_get_contents work.


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