[thelist] UK Based Dedicated Servers

Mark MacInnes mark.macinnes at awakeanddreaming.net
Thu Feb 5 04:58:33 CST 2009

Company I work at has a few dedicated, managed and MS exchange servers with
Virtual Internet (www.vi.net/). We get very, very little downtime - I can't
actually think of an occasion where we've had downtime without it being our
own fault, and I've been here for nearly 2 years.

Their technical support I'd rate pretty highly. E-mail support is usually
fairly quick, although sometimes it will take a bit of prodding to get a
response. Telephone support has always been really good, though. They've
helped us with a number of issues that I would say doesn't really fall
underneath the 'technical support' umbrella.

As for cost, I have no idea how much because we get quite a lot of services
from them. And I am pretty certain they do domain registrations as well,
although we actually use somebody else.

Mark MacInnes

2009/2/5 Hugh Miller <hmiller at cfpress.co.uk>

> Morning all,
> Is there anyone who reads the list who might have some useful feedback
> on UK based dedicated server companies; I would prefer them to also be a
> registrar.
>  From an initial look around, prices appear to range from around £80 to
> £120 per calendar month for servers that would be ample for my hosting
> needs. Currently pay about £1300 per year but recently there has been a
> lot of downtime with my host and I'm not getting the support I feel they
> should be giving us.
> In terms of domains we have several hundred as we buy the .co.uk / .com
> / .net and several variations on each of our main sites so obviously
> billing and admin wise it'd be better to have one company to deal with
> it all.
> I've been looking at:
> www.ukfast.co.uk , www.heartinternet.co.uk , www.rackspace.co.uk and
> www.redstation.com
> so far, but as is typical, it's quite difficult to see properly
> independent views on these sites (I visited one review site where a host
> had consistently poor feedback but heavily interlaced with over the top
> praise and scoring which actually gave them the highest score, and then
> another where the #1 host was tied in with the review site).
> Of these four Heart Internet have been the most impressive.
> If anyone has experience of any of these, or other companies they feel
> are worth a look at, I'd appreciate your views.
> Cheers,
> H
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