[thelist] Joomla menu item order not being respected

Sarah Adams sarahwbs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 09:57:16 CST 2009

>> I'm building a site using Joomla 1.5.9. For some reason I cannot  
>> get it
>> to respect the menu item ordering I set using the Menu Item Manager.
>> I've tried using the up and down arrows in the Order column of the  
>> Menu
>> Item Manager (and clicking Save Order at the end). I've also tried
>> setting the order by editing each menu item and changing the Order in
>> the Menu Item Edit screen. No matter what I do, the menu items are  
>> never
>> sorted in the order they are in the Menu Item Manager.

I finally figured this out after much searching. It would seem this
*was* a bug, which has been fixed in more recent versions of Joomla. The
site I'm working on was at version 1.5.2 when we last updated Joomla,
and I just updated it to 1.5.9 last week. The bug was fixed in between
those versions, but the change didn't get applied automatically. To
apply the fix, I created a dummy menu, moved the problematic menu items
into it, then moved the menu items back from the dummy menu to the
correct menu. This seems to have fixed the problem in all menus, not
just the one I did this with.

sarah adams
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