[thelist] How to create a mailing list or the like?

Mustafa Quilon mustafavizcomrade at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 09:24:15 CST 2009

2009/2/4 Will <willthemoor at gmail.com>:
> If your organization has money, you might check out Jive's Clearspace
> or similar software.
> I have no experience with any of the listserv software but two
> benefits that jump to mind when using "groups" software ala yahoo or
> google is that they are maintained for you (server admin wise) and
> they offer file storage.  sharing docs over an email list leaves a lot
> to be desired as they tend to me shared and then forgotten.  actually
> not sure that google offers file storage associated with groups but I
> know yahoo does.

Thank you Will.

Clearspace looks pretty expensive. In fact, I would like to know what
software, application the people on this list are using for teamwork
and the like.


Mustafa Quilon

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