[thelist] Preferred Collaboration & TeamWork Applications (Was How to create a mailing list or the like?)

Volkan Özçelik volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 23:37:49 CST 2009

> Clearspace looks pretty expensive. In fact, I would like to know what
> software, application the people on this list are using for teamwork
> and the like.

Currently we have a relatively loosely-coupled modular system, which works
for our needs:

We have;

- an internal wiki for information-sharing,

- a TiddlyWiki clone for dynamically jotting down things and taking
non-linear notes.

- a  BugTracker.net server for keeping, priotizing and organizing bugs,
issues, tasks, enhancements, questions... etc.,

- a SVN repository for version control,

- a Whiteboard (not the web app thing; just plain old whiteboard; and a

- a Dropbox account for syncronizing items withing home and office
environments (as a startup, unfortunately, we tend to bring work to home),

- ...and a TrueCrypt volume for sensitive extra-confidential data

I also use todo.txt and todo.sh for managing my personal to do lists.


Obviously this architecure will not suit for a more "corporate"
But for a dynamic, fast-moving startup, we found that it's a great

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