[thelist] broken link checker software with restrict filters

Stuart Young drstuey at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 15:36:29 CST 2009

Hi all,

What do you use for checking for broken links ... except for Xenu, thanks.

Xenu is great but it doesn't have filters to restrict which URLs to download
... it does have a "Do not check any URLs beginning with this:" option, but
the URLs I want to remove do not have a common start. I want to prevent the
checking URLs with query parameters, e.g. to remove printable versions and
email to a friend versions and so on. Specifically I want to run it on a
mediawiki site which has literally hundreds of thousands of duplicate URLs
containing &action=history, &action=edit, &oldid=, &diff= etc etc.

I've wasted a couple of hours on google searches and feature lists and trial
versions, and frankly I am astonished at the state of the software in this
segment, never have I seen so many old fashioned, badly designed websites
and software products, many of them are so out of date they crashed on
setup. I get the impression that everyone is too lazy to check for broken
links anymore.

I miss my trusty copy of BiggByte's InfoLink, now there was a reliable
product. Shame it's not available any more.

There must be something professional, surely.


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