[thelist] SQL: Select first item for each person for each day

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Feb 24 21:22:25 CST 2009

SQL Server 2000 stores datetime fields as two numbers - one for days since 1/1/1900 and one for the number of milliseconds since midnight. Casting to int seems to drop the time part...


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Ken Schaefer wrote:
> 	CAST(b.Appointment_Date AS Int) = CAST(GetDate() AS Int)

That's an interesting shortcut!

I would think that is time fluxing too, but testing shows me otherwise. 
Looks like that is the number of days since 01-01-1900.

Guess we only have to worry about SQL integer overflow in 5.8 million 
years. But the SQL Date field will over flow by year 10,000 anyway, so 
it's a moot point. :-)

Thanks for the info.

Anthony Baratta

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