[thelist] How Host Sub-Domain When Primary Domain Hosted Elsewhere?

Jack Timmons jorachim at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 05:50:27 CST 2009

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 1:01 AM, Bob Haroche <spambait at haroche.net> wrote:

> My website example.com is hosted with a 3rd party, and the DNS is
> handled by ATT.
> I want to host on my own box subdomain.example.com.  ATT will
> configure their DNS server to point to my server's IP.
> What do I need to do on my end in terms of DNS?
> I believe if I wanted to host only the single subdomain.example.com
> and nothing else, I wouldn't need a DNS server, but simply place my
> subdomain website in my Apache web root. However I do want to host
> multiple subdomains and maybe a couple of primary domains as well.
> Hence I need to set up DNS on my box, right?
> The web hosting isn't an issue -- I already have the apache virtual
> hosts configuration ready. And I can handle primary domain DNS
> hosting, but I've never handled subdomain DNS hosting when I wasn't
> also handling the primary domain DNS hosting. So what type of DNS
> records (for web serving; no mail or ftp) do I need on my end in this
> instance (and again the DNS host for the primary domain is
> cooperating):
> SOA for the subdomain?
> NS for the subdomain?
> A for the subdomain?
> CNAME for the subdomain?
> Thanks in advance,
> Bob


You only need to configure apache with the correct virtual hosts. You only
need to set up a DNS server if you're wanting to route to different
computers (beyond just HTTP), setting up internal routing on a network (For
example, I've set up http://sandbox), etc.

Don't worry over making a DNS server. If ATT is pointing the domains (or
subdomains) at your IP, and you have apache configured right, all should be

-Jack Timmons
Twitter: @jorachim

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