[thelist] How do I force favicon refresh in IE?

Barney Carroll barney at clickwork.net
Wed Feb 25 08:45:22 CST 2009

Hey all,

I recently blanket updated my clients' sites to include our agency's favicon
by default, but in one case the client already had a favicon. I have since
put theirs back in, but despite refreshes she can't see that because IE
stores favicons in a bizarre compartment separate from its normal cache.

The client isn't very technically-minded and does not take the 'it'll work
fine for everyone else' line (reasonably so) – so I'm struggling to find a
way to make them see the site as it really is (with the new favicon).
Anybody know how you can get them to force good behaviour out of IE??

Barney Carroll
Web designer & front-end developer

w: www.clickwork.net

t: +44 (0) 7594 506 381

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