[thelist] strange IE 7 behavior

L. Mohan Arun (marun2@gmail.com) marun2 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 06:05:04 CST 2009

Hi all

Apologies I havent had much time to read through list postings but
everything is in my inbox and thanks to all those who responded to my
queries and doubts.

Today I found something baffling me (I am not affiliated with this site - it
is an ad I found in Gmail)

The site is http://www.ezstamp.com/

When I view this site in IE7, and check page source, there is a <title> tag
in <head> section and this title displays in the browser title bar properly.
When I hit Ctrl+D to bookmark the URL the title goes missing in the Add
Favorite dialog box! It only shows "http--www.ezstamp.com-" Does this issue
occur to other people using IE7 ? Or in firefox? Strange is it because the
title tag is very long?


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