[thelist] IE7 XP differs from IE7 Vista

graham.hays graham.hays at visualcomputing.co.uk
Tue Mar 10 14:17:50 CDT 2009


This is a bit vague but I'm getting some problems with IE7 (no surprise
there then) in that sites look fine on my machine (under XP) but are
displayed differently on IE7 under Vista (principally the fonts seem larger
and the site has to be scrolled to view its right edge). Unfortunately I
don't have regular access to a vista m/c but does anyone know of any obvious
differences between the XP and Vista implementations of IE7?

And assuming I will then need to produce an IE7-Vista specific css file -
using conditional comments (my prefered method) - how do you differentiate
between IE7 XP & IE7 Vista?


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