[thelist] IE7 XP differs from IE7 Vista

Chris Anderson Chris at activeide.com
Wed Mar 11 06:03:09 CDT 2009

> > They both use the same internal rendering engine: I imagine your problem has
> > more to do with different settings on the two browsers - probably just
> > zoom/font-size changes.
> > Try hitting Ctrl+0 on both (resets font size to normal), see if anything
> > changes.
> Also, the Windows display properties may be configured differently.
> It might be worth comparing them.

One point to consider though is that the pages do not need to look preceisely the same on every browser - they just need to not break (i.e. lines that are supposed to line up actually line up, etc)

Ignoring the fact it looks different on Vista IE, what if I wanted to look at my web pages at 120% or 80%, etc or if I wanted my dpi to be different so I configure my browser/machine to something non-standard?

If you are seeing actual breaks in the design rather than just a change in size then you need to work on the page rather than try to force the OS/browser to render the same

It's still worth figuring out what is causing the difference - but not to "fix it", but instead to be able to repro it for testing purposes


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