[thelist] IE7 XP differs from IE7 Vista

Gunlaug Sørtun gunlaugs at c2i.net
Wed Mar 11 07:02:20 CDT 2009

graham.hays wrote:

>> <http://www.kateshepherdassociates.co.uk/>

> (The design doesn't break as such, clients main complaint is 'if it 
> works fine in Opera, IE5.5, IE6, FF2, FF3 and XP/IE7 why does it 
> scroll in IE7/Vista'.)

Before you conclude that it doesn't break in those browsers, you should
apply a little font resizing across the board.
It breaks pretty quickly in all browsers, I'm afraid.

IE7 on XP vs IE7 on Vista show up the same when same browser and system
settings are used. The layout relies on "no deviations from designer's
defaults" though, and is very weak for such deviations at the user-end.


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