[thelist] IE7 XP differs from IE7 Vista

graham.hays graham.hays at visualcomputing.co.uk
Wed Mar 11 07:18:13 CDT 2009


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> graham.hays wrote:
> >> <http://www.kateshepherdassociates.co.uk/>
> > (The design doesn't break as such, clients main complaint is 'if it 
> > works fine in Opera, IE5.5, IE6, FF2, FF3 and XP/IE7 why does it 
> > scroll in IE7/Vista'.)
> Before you conclude that it doesn't break in those browsers, 
> you should apply a little font resizing across the board.
> It breaks pretty quickly in all browsers, I'm afraid.
> IE7 on XP vs IE7 on Vista show up the same when same browser 
> and system settings are used. The layout relies on "no 
> deviations from designer's defaults" though, and is very weak 
> for such deviations at the user-end.
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> 	Georg
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Thanks Georg (and all)

Your comment "show up the same etc" is a relief -- at least I now know that
that seems to be a user setting .

Looks like I have a lot more work to do re deviations! 


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