[thelist] Thank You!!! Now, an issue.

Tony Spiro spirony at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 19:08:56 CDT 2009

Fixed it!!!! It was a PHP version issue.  I upgraded the server to PHP5 and
it did the trick.  Thanks to Mark for your prompt response!

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 6:58 PM, Mark Groen <evolt at markgroen.com> wrote:

> On Wednesday 11 March 2009 15:49:22 Tony Spiro wrote:
> > ...... The logged-in user gets dropped when
> > navigating to certain pages.  This didn't happen when I tested it on my
> > home computer.  It would be easy if it was just one page to focus on, but
> > it happens on different pages.  Please any help on this would be
> > appreciated.  Try it for yourself and let me know what you think:
> >
> > http://www.mydentonmusic.com
> The session.php file must be included at the top of every page, also ensure
> that you aren't doing any object flush() in the code you added or reset the
> session etc.
> I've used the Jpmaster77 code in part myself, works good. Another thing you
> might check is the database versions, something about the md5 hash is
> different in a newer MySQL, no time to Google it at the moment, perhaps
> someone on the list knows what it is off the top of thier head...
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> cheers,
>        Mark
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