[thelist] Requesting Recommendations: anti virus and hard drives

Kevin Timmins kipper_timmins at live.co.uk
Thu Mar 12 10:40:09 CDT 2009

AVG never seems to go a miss with regards to anti virus. If you are behind a 
router then the general consensus is you dont really need a firewall. 
However I have a comercial antivirus and internet security, Kaspersky, 
certainly it is better in my opinion, and in the oppinion of many pro's than 
Norton, McAfee, Live one care, et al.
as for hard-drive, I have a 400gb freecom one, and it works a dream. fairly 
quiet, doesnt really over heat or anything. there is the option to encrypt 
everything to it too for extra security.
hope this helps to answer your questions. Stick around though to see what 
everyone else says before you go getting the ones i suggested. lots of 
people have different oppinions all equally valid

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Subject: [thelist] Requesting Recommendations: anti virus and hard drives

> I am looking for a freeware antivirus. There are several out there. Do you 
> have recommendations?
> Also looking for a new (external) hard drive with lots of space. What 
> brands have you been happy with?
> thanks a lot,
> Laura
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