[thelist] Requesting Recommendations: anti virus and hard drives

Chrome admin at chrome.me.uk
Thu Mar 12 11:06:28 CDT 2009

> I am looking for a freeware antivirus. There are several out there. Do
> you have recommendations?

I always used to use AVG but have had a few arguments with it... Now I use
Avast! and am more than happy with it... It does have some annoying traits
(advise checking its sound settings, for instance)

I've got Avast! running on 3 or 4 machines now and none of them have had any

(having said that AVG is still a pretty decent product)

> Also looking for a new (external) hard drive with lots of space. What
> brands have you been happy with

Interested to watch this myself as I'm in the market for one to strap to my
consumer NAS



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