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Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Mar 13 10:14:55 CDT 2009

I know this works with tbird, and even that other guy, OL, - my question 
really is about how IMAP can help my clients?  I've been using pop for 
years because my situation warrants nothing else.

If I set him up at the office for IMAP, then at home for IMAP, how does 
that work to keep email synchronized?  He wants to be able to go home 
and manage email, but not have it download to his computer like with POP 
and not be able to access it at work.  Yes I know you can set up POP to 
leave a copy on the server but that can lead to administration.

Does IMAP work as a virtual single inbox?  Until you do some action?  
It's been at least 10 years since I've messed with it.

patrick wrote:
> Bob Meetin wrote:
>> Can someone talk to me about IMAP?
>> I have some non-tech clients who do not want to use webmail but want to 
>> be able to check their mail at the office, then again at home.  they use 
>> Tbird at the office and another email client at home.  In the past I've 
>> set up an alternate email account added added a forward for home which 
>> works, but is awkward. 
>> Your kind thoughts?
> You can set Thunderbird up as an IMAP client. It's not difficult and
> works well. So switch them to Thunderbird at home and they will be good
> to go.

Bob Meetin

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