[thelist] Layout issue - PHP and html

Jens Brueckmann jens.brueckmann at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 07:11:32 CDT 2009

>> If you let .c62r to be floated left, the images are
>> centered.
> Then I just have to replace r with l, then it's centered.

yes, almost centered. You would have to add

    margin-left: -5px;

for it to be exactly centered with respect to the menu.

> I'm not sure in which Style Sheet you looked, but above or under
> the mentioned rules there should be a ruleset like the one your
> referring to just saying .c50l, which floats to the left.

I did not look in any Style Sheet but the results from CSS validation,
which has 1000+ lines, so I cannot tell in which Style Sheet of yours
this rule appears. :-)



Jens Brueckmann

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