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Barney Carroll barney.carroll at gmail.com
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James, this table should help you work out which fonts you can rely on the
user having:

If you specify which font you would ideally want first, possible back-ups
second, and the generic font type at the end, you should be covered.

html {
font-family: Edwardian, Chopin, Bickham, Scriptina, script;

Note that script fonts are not common and moreover differ massively from
each-other. I'm not sure about this but I fear that the only Windows script
font is Comic Sans — which gives a distinctly different impression than
Edwardian — so all in all you might be better off defaulting to serif
instead of script.

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2009/3/19 James Warfield <jfgwar at comcast.net>

> I am using FrontPage2003 When I did the first website it was FrontPage
> 2000 that was when they couldn't read the font. I think I used Edwardian
> font. They said it just looked like gibberish.  What I have read and
> what  others have offered  is to use Sans Serif. Your 2cents seem to
> make the most sense.
> Thanks
> James.
> Nan Harbison wrote:
> > What are you using to build webpages? Are you doing it in just a word
> > processing program like notepad, or at the other extreme, something like
> > Dreamweaver?
> > Dreamweaver allows you to specify a group of fonts as a chosen font, and
> I
> > **think** this is done because if a person's computer doesn't have the
> first
> > specified font, it will look for the next one in the list, although I am
> not
> > sure how I arrived at this explanation.
> >
> > Some web developers think it is easier to read a sans serif font on a
> > computer screen, where serif fonts are better in print, because the
> > resolution is better. I am not sure if this still holds. I still use sans
> > serif fonts for the majority of text on web pages. But newer computer
> > monitors have such amazing resolution, maybe it doesn't matter any more.
> >
> > Just my 2 cents!
> > Nan
> >
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> > I am new at building websites and am confused about fonts. Is Ariel a
> > specific font or a group of fonts? Sans serif?
> > Veranda? Please help
> >
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