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>From my brief googling, it appears that the HP6735 is a current generation laptop (albeit with a rather low resolution for a 15" screen)

The HP NW8240 is a reasonably old, non-current laptop that probably would have been good in its day, but is now superceded. The specs still look OK (915 chipset isn't too bad, but max of 4GB of RAM) especially if you can get a higher res screen (e.g. the 1920x1200 option or 1680x1050 option). 

Most laptops with 15.4" screens are reasonably heavy (2.5kg or so), so if you're going to lug something like that around, you'd want decent specs (up to 8GB of RAM, higher res screen, modular bay options etc)


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I need to compare two laptops but I am having great difficulty HELP

Laptops are

HP 6735s


HP NW8240

To keep me independent I will await your views of which one is preferred 
please disregard current availability of either.



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