[thelist] CSS issues in Safari

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Mar 24 02:42:50 CDT 2009

On 23 Mar 2009, at 18:00, Nan Harbison wrote:

> The photos are all
> exactly the same size, although the blurbs are different lengths. I  
> am using
> conditional CSS so it displays fine in FF and IE 6 and &, but in  
> Safari,
> some of the photos are too close together, especially the second and  
> third
> photo and the client I am doing this for is RIDICULOUSLY picky about  
> stuff,
> so she wants the page to display properly in Safari as well as the  
> rest. I
> don't have an answer for her! She is like a dog with a bone. Does  
> anyone
> have suggestions for how this could be fixed, or a way of telling  
> her that
> this is as good as it gets with web browsers (maybe that is wrong?).
> Usually FF and Safari display pages pretty much the same, but not in  
> this
> case. BTW, the page validates, I just validated it and fixed stuff  
> because I
> knew someone would remind me to do that!
> I resorted to putting this page in a table because there were fewer  
> problems
> in the fight between displaying correctly in FF and IE.
> Here is the page:
> http://projecthealthychildren.org/our-people.php


Looks fine to me (Safari 4 beta) - all photos are the same distance  
apart, except where blurb extends below the photo bottom, pushing the  
next one down a bit.

A thought though - if you're thinking of tables, presumably you don't  
want the text to wrap under the image? In which case, this technique:
(particularly the left outset images) may be useful.


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