[thelist] Client site hacked - need help understanding inserted PHP code

CosmicFawn CosmicFawn at mystrealm.com
Thu Mar 26 11:20:17 CDT 2009

Thanks for the reply, but the files are all read only already.  I've already done the usual change all passwords, etc. what I really was looking for was what that code was supposed to do once it was in there.

Thanks again.


CosmicFawn wrote:
>/ I have a client who's website was hacked into in the last few days, I 
/>/ know for sure that someone was in there because they've added some php 
/>/ code to my dbinfo file.  I was wondering if someone out there with more 
/>/ php knowledge than I have can tell me what this code is designed to do.
Make sure all your PHP files are read-only for the web server and they 
won't be able to add code to your files.

Anthony Baratta

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