[thelist] phpBB hacked and Crystal Tech isn't being very helpful

Joel D Canfield Joel at BizBa6.com
Fri Mar 27 17:56:55 CDT 2009

<beware; much angry ranting, including references to my ex-wife)

> just a thought, but a similar conversation came up on the WordPress
> list.  So.... is this shared hosting?  If so, any app on the server --
> on any domain on the server -- can open a vulnerability to being

I've read endlessly about this exact exploit in threads dated from 18
months ago, to last month. Yeah, it's no secret, other than how to fix
it. Other than, move to another bb, which is sorta not exciting
considering I already have a client using this bb, and I'll bet he won't
just smile and nod if I tell him he's about to lose six months' worth of

> If the tech support is really that half-assed, their security might be
> as well.  The problem could have nothing to do with what YOU have on
> your domain.

well, I didn't wanna have to go there in this thread because I'm
probably reacting somewhat to getting collection calls today about my
ex-wife's 3-year-old unpaid cell phone bill, but CT has been in steady
decline since NewTek bought them. yeah, it's shared. yeah, their support
has been "not our fault" since the day NewTek bought them.

rudy wholeheartedly recommended CT, and has talked me out of moving away
from them once before, but I've had it. I'm trying to run a business,
and if I have to be a server admin to write code, I'm in the wrong

so. hosting recommendations. here are my criteris:

1. I'd like to hear who you're currently using, if they meet the other
criteria. I can search the web myself, but I wanna hear joyous stories
of glee from real people
2. I need classic ASP first, but PHP has to be included. If I have to go
for two hosting companies, I'll deal. I'd rather not.
3. MS SQL and MySQL. Both.
4. Forum. Which, um, will automagically absorb the six months of posts
my current client (a local police office who I'd rather not make my
enemy) and his buddies have entered
5. I'm paying under $40/month for multiple sites, databases, and email
for three of the domains.
6. Real live human tech support from people who care whether or not my
sites are up and take personal pride in the service they offer
7. Server administration. I don't wanna be responsible for it. I'm a
coder. I don't want to use the hosting service's recommendations, then
be told it's my fault when things break.

What've ya got?


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