[thelist] phpBB hacked and Crystal Tech isn't being very helpful

Christie Mason cmason at managersforum.com
Fri Mar 27 19:07:36 CDT 2009

http://www.appliedi.net/shared-hosting/servers_vs1.asp (note, I think adding
mySQL costs addt'l $)  I've been on their servers with multiple clients for
over 5 years.   I've used 8 other services, including Crystal Tech a few
years ago, but have moved everyone to Appliedi over the years.   There are
times they seemed pricey to me but every time I tried something cheaper, I
was sorry.  They're worth their price. Tech support has been wonderful and
available by email, none of those difficult to track online form based
ticket systems.  Db and site backups are robust, went through a SQL
Injection attack on a site and they had enough rolling backups to restore
the db from a backup from prior to the attack, I think that was over a week.
Control Panel is very nice.  

As far as forum software - no idea.  I've stayed away from forums because of
all the problems I've heard about.  Would also be interested in learning
about any secure forum software, don't care if it's PHP, ASP or ASP.Net.

Back to searching for the ultimate CMS, feeling very Goldilocks - too big,
too small, no "just right" yet.
Christie Mason

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From: Joel D Canfield

1. I'd like to hear who you're currently using, if they meet the other
criteria. I can search the web myself, but I wanna hear joyous stories
of glee from real people

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