[thelist] phpBB hacked and Crystal Tech isn't being very helpful

Matthias Ritzkowski matthiar at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 19:16:02 CDT 2009

Hi Joel,

I just read the whole posting list about this and wanted to add my $0.02 ...
Sorry you are in a pinch.
First Step: Be upfront with the client and explain that you trusted your
host with something they really have no control over.
Second step: Start migrating to another form software. SMF has been
mentioned, I used punBB for a short while. There are several others out
there, but running and properly administering a BB with all updates
current etc. is very time consuming, hence the market for IPB plus
services for it ...

And, not to open another can of worms, but:
You need two hosts - One for your ASP applications and another for your
PHP and mySQL, because they like to live on Linux/Unix/FreeBSD/Solaris,
not so much on Windows ...

Good luck!

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