[thelist] What's a Programmer To Do?

Barney Carroll barney.carroll at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 13:58:01 CDT 2009

Are you working as a freelancer, with an agency, or inhouse, and what
service exactly are you providing/do you want to provide (if you don't mind
my asking), Fred?

Speaking from personal experience I have always found Drupal a pain. It is
very easy to set *something* up for the layman, but I find Drupal is not the
ideal system for your average website (or even many specialised websites) —
in my mind it lends itself very specifically to large communities of
contributor/authors working on large documents or projects that require some
kind of peer/group review/ammendment process. Even then I find the
taxonomies incredibly taxing 'haha', the relationships very limited for any
serious information architecture customisation, and have generally found the
whole set up very difficult to customise on any intricate level. In the past
I've set up two Drupal sites at clients' request, and nobody has been
satisfied with the end product…

For a generic CMS with roles, groups, tag taxonomy, if you're rooted in PHP
(and hey, everything's got PHP), I think a customised Wordpress install is a
better bet — it's certainly easier to make heads or tails of things when you
get your hands dirty. Otherwise if you prefer more OO programming type
stuff, and you have Python on the host, Plone is pretty damn great. There's
a huge host of elaborate modules available, and it's a breeze to push past
the curtains of the UI layer and delve into the core without blowing
everything up.

Anybody else here a fan of Zope and tal templating? Been a while since I
used that stuff but at the time (was in-agency and admitedly a long time
ago), we'd all grumble a fair bit when the client insisted on PHP

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2009/4/1 Fred Jones <fredthejonester at gmail.com>

> > phpquery is not server-side js, its server side DOM manipulation using
> PHP.
> > So its PHP.
> > jQuery is mentioned as it tries to port its selector API and chaining
> > philosophy to PHP.
> Yes, I am aware of that--I was just sharing more information that
> seemed to be related.
> > I hope I did not pollute your thread too much with my jaxer apology.
> Absolutely not. Information is not pollution. :)
> But if anyone does have any further thoughts on my original post, I'm
> all ears. :)
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