[thelist] Non-Rectangular Viewport

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 14:47:32 CDT 2009

A designer has given me a design with two spaces. Into these spaces I
will put images. Which image goes there is dynamic (upcoming class
type of thing). This part is not hard. :)

The issue is that the spaces are not rectangular--I believe they are
quadrilaterals and one is trapezium. To further complicate the issue,
they are adjacent. To simplify this geometrical discourse, I prepared
an image:


You see there that there are two spaces--the top and bottom and a red
line separates them. That red line is supposed to be visible after the
boxes are full. To fill in one of these boxes I could do, by making
either the image or the "background" transparent and then putting the
transparent one on top of the 'regular' one.

But The problem is that the two images actually overlap slightly--what
I mean is that the lower right part of the top image (were it
rectangular) overlaps the top right of the bottom one.

I am coming up with all sorts of wacky ideas about requiring a
triangular-shaped transparent section in each image or other potential
ideas. Does anyone have an intelligent way to handle this? (Aside from
firing the designer of course.)


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