[thelist] Non-Rectangular Viewport

Barney Carroll barney.carroll at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 16:43:40 CDT 2009

Very hard to discuss the precise nature of a bizarre interactive visual
geometry over a mailing list, but as I understand it, this requires
non-rectilinear layer masks, and hence Flash (unless it's possible for the
images to be pre-cut into their eventual shape including weird angles)…

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2009/4/1 Fred Jones <fredthejonester at gmail.com>

> > how many image combinations are there? is it feasible to just make a
> > single image this shape for each possible pair? much would depend on the
> > source of these images; if you're dealing with two different departments
> > on different schedules, or whatever, that's hard.
> It's two different events and they're supposed to expire automatically
> on a date and then the next one jumps in. So they're basically
> independent, the two images.
> > or how about methods of adding borders/edges/fill to rectangular images
> > to simulate the non-rectangular viewport?
> That would help with one image, but again I think the real issue is
> the overlap. The bottom right of the top must allow for visibility of
> top right of bottom and conversely the top left of the bottom must
> allow visibility of the bottom left of the top one.
> If each was transparent in that area, then it would work. I think.
> I could always tell them that it might be easier to adjust the design too.
> :)
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