[thelist] Windows hosting recommendation offered

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Wed Apr 1 17:13:23 CDT 2009

Hi, Joel.
I get the digest, so forgive me if I have lost the trail on this thread. 
But, if you are asking about web host that meet the below criteria, I could 
make a recommendation:


I have been Windows hosting with them for 4 or 5 (?) years now. They meet 
all the criteria.  They are a small company, so you get good personal 
attention. They now only have email or online chat support, but when you do 
contact tech support you will get the same guy for Windows support (Hary) --  
not some person who just consults a knowledge base.  Response time for 
support has been very fast -- minutes for chat, within 24 hours for email 
support. Online is generally only during normal business hours, but they 
will respond via email after that.

I have one of the smaller shared hosting accounts (ASP, ASP.net, MS SQL, 
MySQL, PHP, etc.; HSphere control panel) at $19.95 -- with that you can 
independently host 5 domains. They have reseller, VPS, and dedicated plans 
too, but I have not used those.  They have ala carte upgrades by the month 
(disk space, bandwidth, dedicated IP, extra domains, etc.) so you don't 
necessarily need to jump to a bigger plan.

Anyway, I have been very pleased with them (especially Hary, he's great), 
and might VPS host with them for a client.

(They also have *nix hosting.)

If you contact them, tell 'em Tyme sent ya!  ;-)   (I get nothing for that, 
by the way.)

> 1. I'd like to hear who you're currently using, if they meet the other
> criteria. I can search the web myself, but I wanna hear joyous stories
> of glee from real people
> 2. I need classic ASP first, but PHP has to be included. If I have to go
> for two hosting companies, I'll deal. I'd rather not.
> 3. MS SQL and MySQL. Both.
> 4. Forum. Which, um, will automagically absorb the six months of posts
> my current client (a local police office who I'd rather not make my
> enemy) and his buddies have entered
> 5. I'm paying under $40/month for multiple sites, databases, and email
> for three of the domains.
> 6. Real live human tech support from people who care whether or not my
> sites are up and take personal pride in the service they offer
> 7. Server administration. I don't wanna be responsible for it. I'm a
> coder. I don't want to use the hosting service's recommendations, then
> be told it's my fault when things break.
> What've ya got? 

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