[thelist] Non-Rectangular Viewport

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 09:13:04 CDT 2009

>> It's not interactive. When a class expires, then the next page render
>> would have a different image. Yes, the images can be pre-cut. But am I
>> correct that this "cutting" would have to be actually just a
>> transparent section?
> unless I'm missing something fundamental, that sounds right

I ran a test and it works fine.

> ack! That sounds awful...

Somewhat. Means the designer must deal with it when he makes images
for the classes, not to mention that each image is special for either
the top or the bottom location.

> What about Flash? You could set up a small .swf to read in two images
> dynamically and then display them. This would take the headache out of
> trying to coerce html / css (which really deals with squares and
> rectangles) to do something it wasn't really designed for...

Ah, now there's an idea. Very interesting.

OK, I sent my transparent GIF demo to the client plus the Flash idea.
Either could work so we'll decide which makes the most sense.

Thanks everyone for the input.


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