[thelist] What's a Programmer To Do?

Carlos Zenteno cmzente at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 3 12:29:36 CDT 2009

Well, the admin of MODx can be configured any way you like...
it has powerful roles and permissions that allows you to limit the
access of each kind of user as not to allow accidental actions or
to confuse a user to way to many things in the admin.

There is a plugin called ManagerManager which is a way to manage
what is displayed in the Admin or Manager.  You can hide or add tabs, fields,
sections, etc., change the name of fields and customize almost 
everything on the content manager... I usually change the Admin
substancially as to basically have a menu of things that a user can 
do at the home page of the Admin (according to the user role and permissions)
and creating some sort of forms with the fields and variables that
the users has to admin to do their job.

Very flexible and powerful!


Carlos Zenteno
Website: mercologia.com
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MODx is sweet indeed. However, 'users' tend to get confused by the
many options that can be set in configuring content. So for
non-techies to maintain the content can be quite a task... thus you'll
end up offering support to the content managers. (Unless I had the
luck of ending up with the nitwits).
My ? 0,02 in this thread.


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