[thelist] Bilingual Website

Peter Abramowicz pabramow at web.net
Sat Apr 4 00:11:36 CDT 2009

Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> Googling "building a bilingual website" turned up a certain amount of
> dross, but some reasonably generic stuff on the first page. Certainly
> I didn't see anything about IA, so...
> Can you be more specific about what you're looking for?
> If it's nuts'n'bolts implementation details I would specify your preferred
> platform(s) at least...
What I'm primarily interested in is recommendations on site structure, 
ie. is it a good idea to have an intro page where you choose your 
language or do we just default to one language and let user pick another 

The site is English/French for an organization based out of Quebec, Canada.

I would also appreciate any technical insights for dealing with 
different languages, the environment is Apache on Linux with PHP and MySQL.


Peter Abramowicz
Arachne Web Designs

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