[thelist] video editing

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sat Apr 4 17:17:47 CDT 2009

Goal: to do some relatively simple video editing, by simple I mean 
adding background text and voice overlays, perhaps fade in/out, nothing 

Input media: whatever a simple camcorder outputs, as well as .mov, .wmv, 
.vob, .flv - assume I can use either Super or one of the applications 
available on Linux to convert media to a workable file type.

Tools: On windows I have access to Super (for converting), Flash Video 
Encoder, Flash 8 and probably some other software types that come with 
an inexpensive Panasonic camcorder.  On Linux I have command line access 
to ffmpeg and mencoder and of course can download anything that is 

Any recommendations on where to begin, URLs to bullet-proof, out-of-the 
box tutorials? 


Bob Meetin

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