[thelist] Basic e-commerce

Kevin Timmins kipper_timmins at live.co.uk
Sun Apr 5 04:43:40 CDT 2009

Hi Folks,

For a long time I have been interested in how it is possible to sell things online. Designing the product pages is easy, my real question is how do you process payments? Does anyone have any experience with building this kind of website? This is in part as a response the the PayPal thread by Bill Moseley because it looks like it is that kind of thing I should be looking into, i just didn't want to steal the thread.

So the scenario is, I have built and maintain a website which is essentially a picture gallery of wildlife, however some customers may wish to purchase a more professional print of a picture than they can print off from the lower quality web versions. 
So next to each picture there would be a button saying buy which would redirect to a page with a unique id number so the picture could be obtained by the website owners, not me, and then they would print off that picture professionally and mail it to the customer. 

How would i process payments in this process? The server they are hosting on isn't a "secure" server, i.e. there is no data encryption as of yet because I don't know how. So the payment details entering would have to be done on some other server, I am assuming if i am using PayPal they will handle that right?

Thanks in advance for your time

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